Johnny Bravo Fired From Cartoon Network After Sexual Harassment Claims

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After a prolific career, Jonathan Bravo has been let go from Cartoon Network after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by literally every woman he’s ever had a conversation with.

Johnny Bravo (full name Jonathan Ira Bravostein, changed for show business because…. God do I really need to say it?) had a decade long career at Cartoon Network.

The CEO of the Cartoon Network, Cartoony Networkerson, Jr. released a full statement this morning, saying “We’re launching a full investigation into the extent of Johnny Bravo’s behavior. Also, don’t make fun of my name. My father Cartoony Networkerson, Sr. built this company with his bare hands god dammit.”

Women have accused Johnny of spontaneously appearing in front of them at random locations and saying things like “I’m pretty, you’re pretty, let’s go home and stare at each other” and “did anyone ever tell you I have beautiful eyes?”

An unnamed female cast member of his TV show made allegations, claiming he appeared in her dressing room, looked in her mirror and said “who’s that handsome guy?!” and then he called the cops saying “FBI, a handsome guy just broke into my house…. wait, nevermind, it’s just me.”

Bravo released a statement yesterday, it was just a picture of his biceps and the sentence “Man, I’m pretty.”

This adds Bravo to the long list of powerful men who have been exposed for predatory behavior, along with Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK and Pepe Le Pew.

Johnny recently announced his campaign to run for president in 2020 and is already considered a frontrunner.

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