To Prevent School Shootings, Trump Proposes Plan To Ban Schools

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It’s the perfect plan.

In wake of the shooting in Florida, our stable genius in the White House has proposed a new policy to make sure there are never any school shootings again, and it’s flawless.

“I’m calling for a complete and total shutdown on public education until we figure out what’s going on.”

Donald believes that banning assault rifles won’t stop all these school shootings. He has finally realized that the schools themselves have been the problem this whole damn time.

He was even overheard complaining that we never have any shooters from private schools, and how all our shooters come from “shithole” public schools.

Trump claimed that school is “for losers” and used anti-school anecdotes from his life as evidence, including rejected prom proposals and stories of being forced to read books “that didn’t have any pictures.”

He even told a story about getting in trouble in kindergarten when everyone in class was supposed to draw a picture of their pets and he drew a picture of himself grabbing a pussy.

Trump announced this exciting plan at a rally to a legion of adoring fans, who cheered uproariously. His supporters could be seen wearing shirts that said “Classes Are Dum” and “We Dont Need Skool Anyway.”

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